UNI450 announces the world's smallest CE certified LTE Cat.4 module ML660 for B87
2021-12-16 511

UNI450 is a global leading solution provider of 450MHz wireless data solutions. Our brand UNI450 received the CE-RED certificate from the German notified body PHOENIX TESTLAB GmbH. This is the world’s smallest LTE Cat.4 Band 87 module (29x29x2.8mm) to gain this approval.

“This is an exciting step to support B87 officially into our module solution lineup. Now the UNI450 module solution can support all the available B31, B72 and B87 networks, and we are becoming the first company to achieve this milestone.”, said Redd Khoo, CEO of UNI450 Technology Limited. “I would like to thank our device partners’ great efforts to integrate our B87 module solution into their products. I believe we can bring this technology to the market and enrich the LTE410 eco-system together.”.

A special thank you to GE MDS for their support in accelerating the availability of this technology. Currently, we can offer:

-ML660 LCC SMT type (ML660CZ)

-ML660P miniPCIe type (ML660PC)

These form factors are supporting various applications with the following LTE bands B3/20/87. These two models will be ready for mass production beginning in January of 2022.

Adopting a state-of-the-art 450MHz front-end design, enables the ML660 module to offer excellent industry-leading radio frequency performance for the 450MHz industry. The module has the ability to support diversity reception and multiple-inputs and multiple-outputs (MIMO). This helps to optimize the data transmission speed and improve communication quality. Furthermore, the module has several integrated hardware interfaces: USB, UART, PCM, SDIO, RGMII and ADC. The module may be widely used in industrial routers, mission and business critical equipment, customer-premises equipment, POS-terminals, Push-to-Talk smartphones, and more.

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