UNI450 successfully develops the world’s smallest B87 module
2021-05-28 738

UNI450 is a global leading solution provider of 450MHz wireless data solutions. We successfully developed the B87 module recently. This will be the world’s smallest Cat.4 module (29x29x2.8mm) to support LTE Band 87.
“UNI450 is one of our most active members in module development. We are very pleased that this fact translates to faster enriching the 400 MHz ecosystem. We are confident that UNI450 will continue contributing to the 400 MHz industry at the same pace”, said Gösta Kallner, Executive Chairman at 450 MHz Alliance.

“We are so happy to add B87 supporting into the series of ML660 module ”,said Redd Khoo, CEO of UNI450 Technology Limited. “It takes almost two years from planning to making it ready. Thanks to our innovative engineering team’s hard work and our components supplier’s great effort, now we can offer excellent RF performance engineering samples to our partners for integration. Currently, we can offer:

-ML660 LCC SMT type(B87 P/N:ML660CZ)

-ML660P miniPCIe type(B87 P/N:ML660PC)
form factors for various applications with the following LTE bands B3/20/87, these two models will be commercially launching in Q3 2021. We are also planning to support B88 to give more choices to our partners.”
Adopting state-of-the-art 410MHz front-end design enables the ML660 module to offer excellent industry-leading radio frequency performance for the 450MHz industry. The module can support diversity reception and multiple inputs and multiple outputs (MIMO). This helps to optimize the data transmission speed and improve communication quality. Furthermore, the module has several integrated hardware interfaces: USB, UART, PCM, SDIO, RGMII and ADC which are widely used in industrial routers, mission and business-critical equipment, customer-premises equipment, POS-terminals, Push to Talk smartphones etc.
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